Free Books


Here is a collection of free books in digital format! They were either created just for fun, or were a part of a discontinued series. If you want to say thanks, you can do so by buying my books, enrolling in a course, watching my web-series, listening to a podcast, or following me on social media. Enjoy!

Welcome to the Future Image.jpg

Welcome to the Future

This is a science fiction anthology featuring multiple authors that revolve around the future. It was my first anthology, however, I don’t write in the genre anymore so I’m offering it up to you!

Download: Available Upon Request

Horror Queen Image.jpg

HQ Comic

This is the first comic to The Horror Queen Series, which follows Alex, a girl trying to atone for some bad deeds. The co-author and I fell out of touch and thus, I decided to discontinue the series.

Download: Mobi | Epub | PDF

Boss Witch Image.jpg

Boss WItch

This was a companion piece to the Horror Queen Series and is a fun little one shot series from one of the main character’s perspective. It’s essentially a fake spellbook in which some of the spells were meant to be used later on in the series.

Download: Mobi | Epub | PDF

Isolate the Infected Image.jpg
Grammar Good Image.jpg

Isolate the Infected

This is a look and find freebie meant for kids to learn about germs. In it you have to follow the “Infected” while learning about disease. I gave it away at one of my earliest book fairs. The art was done by me, but note it’s pretty dated.

Download: Mobi | Epub | PDF

Grammar Good

This book is for anyone who is wrong on the internet. It’s also for those who want to brush up on their grammar. Simply, an illustrated collection of commonly confused words, like They’re, There, and Their, as well as the meaning of the words.

Download: Mobi | Epub | PDF