Vex Me No More

A small collection of five witch tales. Each of these stories showcase the complexity of witchcraft; from tales of revenge to witches that are the protagonists in the story.

Format: paperback/ebook


64 Deaths

A cyborg on the edge of eternity, a lonely 10-year old girl, a curmudgeon seeking his one great novel; there are many lost souls desperate for a way out. These twenty tales, along with sometimes macabre illustrations, shows us the side of humanity we’d often like to ignore.

Format: paperback/ebook/audio


In The Deep Dark Woods

In the Deep Dark Wood fear abounds. It may be creatures that only you can see, or the fevered imaginations of your nightmares. In the woods, one doesn’t know what they might find. No mater what, when you go walking in the woods at may not make it back out.

Format: paperback/ebook