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10 of the Creepiest Dolls You Won’t Want to Play With

What kind of dolls did you play with as a kid? My mom had Raggedy Ann, I had various versions of Barbie, and my nieces were obsessed with Monster High when they were little. Who knows what the next generation of dolls might look like. One thing’s for certain, no matter what the dolls might look like, they surely aren’t made the same.

Some are just plain evil.


01. Annabelle

Before there was the big blockbuster (and several sequels down the pipeline) there was this creepy ass doll. Contrary to the design of the movie, the real Annabelle was a simple Raggedy Ann doll owned by a nursing student named Donna. Whenever Donna went out, she’d come back to find strange, handwritten notes. Notes like “Help Us” were supposedly written by the doll. Donna also claimed she’d sometimes find blood on the doll’s clothes, hands, or hair.

Eventually, famed paranormal researchers, Ed and Lorraine Warren, got involved. After investigation, they determine the doll was infused with a demonic entity and decided to house the doll in their occult museum. Even though it’s behind glass, many patrons and staff alike often claim that if certain measures aren’t put into place, odd occurrence happen, such as a general feeling of dread.


02. Ashley, Chrystal, Sharla, and the rest of the gang.

The dolls shown above (Ashley, Chrystal, Sharla, True, Isaac, Lilly, Monika, and Cameron) are all shown by the same Pennsylvania couple. No, this couple aren’t just incredibly unlucky, but rather they sought them out. Some people collect stamps. Some people collect haunted dolls. Specifically, haunted porcelain dolls, which somehow makes it all the stranger.

The couple are amateur paranormal investigators and wanted to set up camera footage to see if there might be anything supernatural associated with the doll gang. For the most part, it’s a quiet viewing. Occasionally the dolls seem to move slightly and in 2008, a strange apparition of a little boy began to appear. It’s said that he never travels further than the stairs and is often seen in shadow


03. Ledda

This is a doll that is considered both a blessing and a curse for its owner, Kerry Walton. After his grandmother’s funeral in 1972, Walton found an old marionette beneath an abandoned house he visited in an attempt to “face his fears.” I suppose his mother’s passing made him realize his own mortality. In any case, he took the doll home and strange things began to happen. Pictures would fall off the wall when he entered the room, dogs would bark and attempt to bite the doll whenever they were near, and many would have reported that they couldn’t shake an unexplained fear when they were around Ledda.

Walton finally contacted some psychics and together, they discovered that the doll wasn’t just a doll. It was the spirit of Ledda (or Letta as some call it) a Romanian man who made the doll for his son that had drowned. This was 200 years ago. The man had believed that his son’s spirit would transfer to the doll; to the point that it was outfitted with real human hair, a brain model underneath its scalp, and fine detail in the face. After learning of the doll’s history, Walton reported that he has had a change in luck. Though the doll still sometimes “acts up.”

04. Joliet

Some families pass down diamond rings or special serving trays. This family passes down Joliet, the haunted doll. Going from mother to daughter, Joliet is now owned by a woman named Anna. This has been going on for four solid generations and while that would be weird, but not necessarily creepy, also consider the fact that the doll also comes with a family curse.

While Joliet’s beginnings are not completely known, the family does believe that Anna’s pregnant great-grandmother was given the doll by a friend that was incredibly jealous of the pregnancy. Anna claims that her grand-mother did indeed have twins, and the boy twin inexplicably died on the third day. Since then, ach woman in Anna’s family has had at least one boy and one girl. Each woman’s son passed away mysteriously after 3 days.

Joliet is said to sometimes cry late at night and those wails all sound slightly different. Thus, perhaps Joliet is infused with the souls of all the baby boys that have been lost. That’s what the family believes anyway; hence why the have kept the doll.

05. Harold

Considered to be the very first haunted doll sold on eBay, it is reported that Harold was made sometime in the 1930’s. What makes this doll so unusual, side from its worn and downtrodden appearance, is that its new owner, Anthony, a self-proclaimed skeptic, bought the doll and a bunch of other haunted items off eBay for the purpose of writing a book about haunted items.

Out of all of them, Anthony claims that Harold was by far the most haunted. When he brought the doll home, he put it next to an EMF detector, an EVP recorder and a crucifix in an attempt to get some kind of paranormal activity. Nothing happened. At first. Within a short span of time, the EVP picked up a strange, roaring voice that said such things as “Shut up, bitch!” and “I’m going to kill you!” Since then, Anthony has continued investing the doll along with psychics and paranormal investigators alike. While there is also a small smidgen of clues as to the doll’s nature and history, the voices have not yet stopped.


Donated to the Quesnel Museum (British Columbia) in 1991, Mandy fits in well with other 1800’s era antiques and collectibles. Unlike those other artifacts, however, Mandy is claimed to be possessed. The woman who donated the doll, Mereanda, told the museum curator that she did not donate Mandy just for the historical significance, but also because she wanted to be rid of the doll herself. She claims that on several occasions she heard a baby crying from somewhere in her basement. Upon investigation, Mereanda states that a nearby window was open when it was shut and locked previously. She also says that after donating the doll, she has not heard the strange noises in her home since.

Although, not much more is known about Mandy, many patrons of the museum have reported after viewing the strange doll they too have heard infants crying in the dead of night. Some have called exorcists or psychics into their home for a cleansing, while others say that the cries eventually die down and then stop after a few days.

07. Robert

In 1906, Robert Eugene Otto received a doll from his family’s servant. Made with wire and overlaid with cloth, the doll was strange to look at, but not anything out of the ordinary. While the gift would have also seemed like a nice gesture, it was anything but. You see, the Otto’s were said to be incredibly cruel and nasty to their servants. The Bahamian woman that gave the doll to Robert had been particularly mistreated, and since she was a practitioner of voodoo, it is said that she knew the only way to get to the family was to get to their young son.

Shortly after receiving the doll, young Robert began talking to the doll and the Otto’s claimed that sometimes it sounded like two voices were coming from his room. Strange occurrences, such as missing objects or falling lamps, began to take place. When Robert grew up, he forgot about the doll and moved away, only to have it back in his possession when his parents died. To finally give the doll some peace, Robert constructed a tiny home for the doll, and after switching owners when the house was sold, it was finally donated to the East Martello Museum.

Visitors can still see the doll in its tiny little room, but are encouraged not to tap on the glass, lest the doll become angry once more.

08 Pupa

This cute little doll was given to a child in the 1920’s who kept it until her death in 2005. The doll is made of felt and possibly real human hair. The owner is said to have loved this doll her entire life. Why then, does the doll make the list? After all, antique dolls don’t necessarily mean that something is haunted, despite their age.

Well, not only does its original owner claim that the doll spoke to her throughout the years, but that she has also quite the “temper” on her. Supposedly, the doll became the woman’s number one confidant and even had an opinion on who she did and didn’t like.

That seems to be the case even after the woman’s death in 2005. Pupa is kept in a glass display case, but the current family that owns her sometimes hears disembodied voices. They also sometimes see words written in the glass after condensation sets in. Words like simply “Pupa” or even “Pupa hate” will sometimes appear. The family has since gotten rid of the doll and nobody quite knows where it is.

Perhaps Pupa is simply searching the earth, hoping to one day be reunited with her original owner.


09. The Pulau Ubin Barbie

In Pulau Ubin, Singapore, there is a shrine dedicated to a very specific Barbie doll that draws several worshipers from Malaya and the surrounding region every week. Visitors offer jewelry, small trinkets, and especially cosmetics. While the shrine itself is over 100 years old, the doll is a millennial addition.

According to reports, a local man dreamed of a German Girl from World War II instructing him to buy this very doll and put in the shrine so that her soul would finally be at peace. The man did not believe what he dreamt was real, even though he kept having the same dream over and over again; until he happened to spot the exact shop from his vision. He even found the same doll as in his dream.

After placing the doll in the alter his dreams stopped. Many visitors say that the doll can either bless or curse whoever worships there. Thus, visitors are likely to bring items that they might appease the spirit of this poor girl.

10. The Devil Doll

I’m not going to lie, out of all the articles on this list, this one scared me the most. Something about the way the doll stares at you, with its slightly cross-eyed gaze, is extremely unsettling. This doll, sometimes known as the “Vampire Doll”, appeared randomly on an unmarked tombstone in Mexico. A few passers-bys inspected the doll further and not only found bloodstains on its all-white clothes, but it was also sitting next to a bottle of blood. It’s unconfirmed as to whether it’s human blood.

One thing’s for sure, what makes this doll especially creepy is that it’s evil, demonic eyes follow you around the room. Although that also applies to many dolls on the list, this one’s gaze seems especially sinister.

The next time you decide to go a toy store, antique show, or simply find a cute little doll on the side of the road – better call a priest before you decide to take it home.