My name is Christina Escamilla (Es-ca-me-yah, rhymes with tortilla). Welcome to my little corner of the internet!

I primarily write horror. However, I’m also obsessed with literary theory and the craft of writing. My books and courses allow me to share my knowledge with others, while my YouTube series, Fear Unmasked, allows me to investigate horror through the lens of histological, cultural, and sociological perspectives.

My other YouTube series, Top 10’s and Mysteries, also allows me to explore the weird and creepy with the help of my partner, as does my podcast Tales From Waugh Bridge.

When I’m not being a creative driver, I enjoy traveling. I love exploring new places, especially anything of cultural or historical value. I’m also into hiking and I am always down to try some new trails. You can find explore with me through The Esca Files.

Currently, I live in Houston, Tx, with my partner Tyler and our little ball of fierce fur, Angel (the cat).