Vex Me No More

If You Go Walking in the Woods At Night…

You Might Run Into A Witch

Witches are often painted in a dichotomy as either old and “ugly” or young and beautiful, depending on what is popular in the moment. With centuries of history, this absolutely does the archetype a disservice. Witches can be any race, gender, or ethnicity imaginable. They can be cruel, violent, or be justified in the unique means by which they operate.

This small book features 5 witch stories showing the archetype in all its glory.



Using The Power of Echolocation To Talk To Myself


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Fear Unmasked


Fear Unmasked is the series where we get to analyze the screams on screen, one show at a time. From top 10 lists to film analysis, we take a look at the horror films we love and love to hate. More than just an ode to the genre, this series also helps audiences understand why horror is such a powerful lens from which to view the human condition.




Decoding Deviance

True crime podcast

Join hosts Christina Escamilla and Sara Michelle as they delve into a new crime tale each episode. From serial murders to hometown slayings, these two go beyond the who, what, and where, to analyze the systematic problems associated with each story.