Horror Films Don’t Create Fear. They Release It.
— Wes Craven

What We Want

Essays! NOT short stories. We want anecdotes on being a horror fan, analysis of films or books, and generally what horror means to you. If you are an artist; whether you sell on Etsy or make sculptures - we also want you to submit!

For artists, along with including at least four high resolution photos of your work, we do ask that you submit an artist statement or short essay on your piece. After all, you would still get paid per word (and the benefit of showcasing all your shop links).

The Details

Deadline:  February 1st, 2020
Payment:  0.06/word & contributor copy

Reprints:  Depends on where it was featured. Ask!

Length:  Any! Though we likely won’t publish pieces longer than 3,000 words.

Rights: 1st edition publication rights to digital and print.

To submit please send your information below. If you do not have your work online, or want to directly submit via email, you can send to

Simultaneous submissions are allowed and you may send in as many submissions as you would like. Please allow 2 - 3 weeks to hear back.

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After Reading ALL Requirements, use the form below to submit your piece:



Question not listed here? Let us know!

Will you critique my submission or offer feedback? . . .

We will not critique your submission or offer feedback. Sorry, but there's just too many to go through!

Can I have a co-author? . . .

Of course! We've had multiple authors using the same pseudonym.

Can I use a pseudonym? . . .


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